Sexually Transmitted Diseases:

A Practical Guide

Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment, Prevention

2nd Edition Revised and expanded

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Information is mostly from official government medical sources, covering the most frequent STD. It covers symptoms, , how to reduce risk of exposure, and actions if you think you might have been exposed with more than 70 figures and photographs.
are you concerned? Then do something. Ignoring fears will not help.
Get the book and share it with friends and family—Diseases like STDs will only thrive in darkness and ignorance.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases—Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment, Prevention-2nd Edition – Assembled and Edited by R.J.Banis, PhD, (2006)  Illustrated with more than 70 photographs and illustrations, ISBN 1-888725-58-3, 8¼X5¼,  290 pp, $18.95 


What if you are found positive for an incurable STD such as Herpes or HPV?

Is this the end of the world? No!

Many people have the same circumstances. Carrying on a normal life can be helped by finding people who undertand. Find organizations that help with this, 

Positive Singles Groups - The best place in the world for meeting  singles with STDs.

Diagnosed with an incurable STD, such as HIV or Herpes (HSV)? Life isn't over! Get treatment and you can still have a responsible social life. Exposure of others to the infection is an ethical issue, but There are good resources for finding others in the same situation who would not suffer from exposure and are as eager as you are to carry on normal relationships. See the discussion on this in the chapter on "Statistics and STDs." Learn more at one of the positive relationship websites such as

You don't have to continue facing embarrassing questions in new relationships  or worrying about spreading  disease, Enjoy a normal life with good relationships  There are many people looking for friendship with you.

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